Xenomorph Monitoring And Containment

The AI that ran G.D. Biotech Lab before it's destruction. It's avatar is a holographic blue sphere, with small data readouts appearing and dissapearing around it. (the data readouts look like small holographic computer screens) When it is in security mode, it looks almost the same, exept the avatar turns bright red and the data readouts start to appear and dissapear very rapidly. Using all of the data that was aquired from it by Adam, The Galactic Defenders successfully built and programed another AI construct, (X.M.A.C. II) which will preform the same tasks for the under construction G.D.B.T.L. II. It also has added security measures, so it won't go rouge if the main data arrays are damaged or corrupted.

(All of the data on the creatures was saved, but the rest of X.M.A.C's data arrays were partially damaged, resulting in the corruption ofsome of the computing systems.)