The carnivorous Valhallan Gem Plant is on average almost 15 feet tall, and it's vines have scythe-like appendages on their tips, which they can use to kill their prey.

The plant is very rare, and long treks though the Valhallan jungle are usually required to search them out.

It has an enourmous red flower at the top of the thorny stem, vines, and mouthlike openings. In the center of the flower, a gem, usually the size of an average human's fist grows. The gem is formed over time of mineral deposits from the soil around the plant, and from the food it eats. The gems can take decades to form, and they are, depending on color, worth at least half a million credits each. The color of the gem can vary greatly, depending on what minerals are near the plant.

To obtain the gem, the plant is usually sprayed with a chemical that renders it immobile for several hours, making the gem easy to take from the flower. This does not hurt the plant, because the gem is actually a build up of the minerals the plant can't use.