2051: Earth's moon is widely colonized and populated for the first time.

2078: Small permenant outpost constructed on Mars.

2083: World War III starts.

2087: World War III ends, Human-Vrall Skron war starts. (also first contact with an alien race for humanity.)

2094: Human-Vrall Skron war ends.

2102: Construction of the 13 colony ships begins.

2123: Pemenant reasearch base on Saturn's moon, Titan, is constructed.

2142: 13 colony ships are completed, and leave Earth a year later.


2215: Humans aboard the Darwin encounter a Gnolan starship. The human attempt to communicate but the gnolan retreat.

2217: The Darwin colonizes the planet, Reef.


2368: The Zeph-Jal war begins.

2369: Humans aboard the Colombus reach Jalopia.

2372: Neyro is assassinated and his son Gajin becomes emperor, thus ending the Zeph-Jal war.


2378: With Jalopian aid, the first Human built starship equipped with a slipspace drive is completed in orbit above Jalopia(made out of scrap from the Columbus).

2385: The ship reaches Earth, and the humans begin building their own Slipspace drive equipped ships.


3415: Galactic Defense Alliance formed


3426: A large conflict between human successionists and the GDA takes place. (will think of a name for this war soon.)

3431: Conflict ends.

3434: Axari invasion of Ajikhala begins, and ends in a close GDA victory the same year.

3436: Thebios becomes emperor of Zephias and begins taking over the galaxy.


3445: War between Zephias and GDA begins.


3456: Current(we'll put something better here later, this is so i have an idea of the time difference...)