Safety rooms are often the last hope of survivors of a vessel who's life pod bays have been destroyed or are made inaccessable in some way. It is a mandatory law that all spacecraft must have enough safety rooms for all of the crew aboard the ship, in addition to the life pods. As apposed to the life pods being near the exterior of a vessel, the safety rooms are deep inside the hull of a ship, but also being placed a far enough distance from the reactor. Safety rooms come in three sizes: 10 person, 20 person, and 35 person. On a military cruiser, it is not uncommon to have as many as 70 35 person safety rooms spread around the ship to accomodate the large crew. Saftey rooms are used temporarily in the unlikely event of rapid hull depressurisation. They are also used if there is not enough time to get to the escape pods, or if they are destroyed, ect. They have also, in a few cases, been used to protect the crew of a parasite infested starship. Safety rooms all have meter-thick titanium-nova armor and radiatioun protection to protect against the possible overload and explosion of a ship's reactor. They also have explosives on the outside to blast them away from whatever wreckage they may still be attatched to, to avoid being dragged into a planet's atmosphere, because they are equipped with no landing mechanism and would be slammed into the ground at terminal velocity. External thrusters also help get the safety room into a safe orbit. Safety rooms are all atmospherically sealed by a huge hatch made of pure nova.