Oolga is the only planet in Zephias and Jalopia's system to harbor life. on the edge of the habitable zone of the system, Oolga is cold, with it's average temperature being 36 degrees farenheit. The only life the planet has are small harmless bacteria that grow on the top of small pools of water and some primitive algae.

Oolga is small, being only half the size of Earth, and it is not very dense. The gravity is so little that a person could easily jump ten feet into the air. The atmosphere is similar to that of the Earth's, being mostly nitrogen; but Oolga has significantly less oxygen, requiring people to wear breath masks on the surface. No sealed suit is required, however.

Oolga is a mining planet, containing vast deposits of almost every valuable mineral imaginable, from Titanium to gold. It is such a valuable planet that a GDA cruiser and a few defense platforms are stationed in orbit around it. Oolga provides almost 1 fifth of the GDA and allied planet's raw materials.

There is a vast network of mining tunnels in many places on the planet, and many times miners stay underground for weeks at a time. There are full sleeping facilities, lounges, ect. underground. In many of the larger mines, there are even subterreinian roads, to haul ore from one ore elavator to the next. The ore elavators are used to bring ore to the planet's surface, to small stations where it is picked up by massive ore trucks and brought to the planet's orbital elavator.

Oolga's permanent population is only about 2000(the miners do not generally live on this world permenantly), in a small city around the orbital elavator. It's main inhabitants are humans and Jalopians, with a few GDA loyal Zephians here and there.

Strip mining on the surface is strictly regulated, due to the planet's developing ecosystem.