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Terrein: Plains, rivers

Day length: 26 hours

Moons: 2

Average temperature: 78 degrees Farenheit

A planet slightly smaller than Earth, Oltark has been a peaceful world in the past, but with the Axari invasion of their world, the Oltarkans took action, and although they evacuated, a large number of them joined the GDA. The government of the planet has promised that after their world is liberated, it will be a full member of the GDA, and support them in their ongoing battle with the Axari alliance.

Oltark is a planet covered with a network of rivers. One can't go seven miles without runnig into one. The space in between the rivers is covered in grassy plains, with small hills here and there. Noki ruins dot the landscape, every hundred miles or so. Oltark has two moons, both of which have were colonizd before contact with another species was made. They have since been retaken from the Axari, and are used as a base of operations for GDA forces liberating the planet, as well as the several cruisers in orbit.


Most of Oltark's life resides in the rivers, and there are only a few small land dwelling creatures, the largest only being about the size of a cat. Since the Oltarkans are the biggest (mostly)land dwelling creatures, they are virtually unrivalled by land predators, which allowed them to grow to a large population early, and their technology grew without having to worry about predators.

Other planets in the system: Note: extremely unremarkable planets will not have their ow articles, instead they will just be listed with any interesting planets in the system, like this. They are listed in order from their star.

1. Karofe: First planet in the system, very hot. It was prospected for ores by the Oltarkans once, but they had to leave imediately when their ship started to glow red hot.

2. Oltark

2. Isote: A small planet, with a small Oltarkan colony.

3. Yokav: Standard gas giant. Due to the amount of radiation it gives off, colonization of it's moons is impossible.

4. Dorwek: A barren dwarf planet. Completely uninteresting, not even valuable for mining. The last planet in the system.

(the Oltark system also has an asteroid belt that is used for some mining)