Sovari Federation

Faction Use

Civilian Homes, Military Base

Star System

Zeta Ceti








Dirt, Swamp, Jungle


Bulab, Emopi, & Gulish

Malwabi is a Jungle Planet with all sorts of life excluding the parts that contain massive bulab factories. Malwabi is also the home of the sadistic General Zaldar and capital of the Sovari Federation. Rozac lizards, Hugothi, and Malab rats are the three most common species on Malwabi. Hugothi are a major source of food and income for the inhabitants of Malwabi. Hugothi Meat is very common in the galaxy because hugothi can adapt to almost any environment and can be easily shipped to other planets. While malab rats are large 60 lbs. rodents that roam Malwabi. They are considered pests by the people of Malwabi and are shot every time they are spotted. Rozac lizards are giant vicious lizards that mainly eat hugothi and will usually attack farms on Malwabi for easy prey. Uldari were the only sentient life form on Malwabi until the bulab began setting colonies up on the planet.The bulab cleared large areas of wildlife on Malwabi and killed thousands of uldari, the native inhabitants of the jungle planet. After the big war between the uldari and the bulab the bulab enslaved the uldari, they also brought emopi and gulish slaves to the planet.