Ko'Har is a small, highly unstable planet. It is covered mainly by vast, volcanic flats, mountains, volcanoes, and lava oceans. It was first discovered by the GDA only 6 years prior to 3456, and surveyors of the planet were surprised to find any life at all, especially intelligent life. In a few places that are not covered with volcanic activity, there are forests of yellow-colored plants that thrive in Ko'Har's sulpher-rich atmosphere. It is in these isolated spaces that the Ko'Harians, intelligent life-forms native to Ko'Har, evolved.

Ko'Har's atmosphere is made primarily of sulpher and other volcanic gasses, and also has a fair amount of carbon dioxide. Any non native life form visiting the planet is is required to wear a breath mask due to the toxic atmosphere. A environmentally sealed suit is usually not required either (although it can get extremely hot near the lava lakes), although one is often worn regardless due to the high temperatures. (102 degrees Farenheit on average)

Other planets in Ko'Har's system: