Jalopian starfighter

(If you want a closer look at the fighter, you can download it off of the Google 3D warehouse and there is no cockpit detail because I am nat that good at 3D modeling.)

The Jalopian starfighter is the most common starfighter in the Galactic Defender fleet. It has largely replaced the older and slower, but but more durable human made F-34 starfighter, but it is stil widely used. The Jalopian starfighter, manufactured by Jalopian Orbital Industries, in the shipyards orbiting Jalopia, can be destroyed relatively easily, but it makes up for this with it's speed and manuverability, which lets it out run and evade many attacks from Axari fighters.  


It is mainly cruiser based, and is launched from a rail. The fins fold out(the pics are shown in combat position, with fins already folded out), and the engine jets out a huge blue flame, then it it released from it's magnetic clamps, and out of the hangar. When it is landing within an atmosphere, parachutes are deployed, skids are deployed, and the top fins fold down and the top fins fold up, so that the tips of them are touching. When it is landing on a cruiser, the fins still fold up, but it is simply guided into the hangar with electromagnets.

Jalopian starfighter armament

A view of the fighter's armament