Jalopian Orbital Defense Cannon 1 was one of the four orbital cannons defending Jalopia from attack. The Jalopian defense cannon's were built during the Jalopian-Zephian War, and they also caused the end to it.(there has been a LOT of modifications since then, seeing as their technology was centuries old) This cannon was destroyed by continuous laser fire from the Axari capital ship Devastator at the first battle of Jalopia. Three Defense cannons remain, and a replacement fourth one is under construction. Sadly, only 71 of it's wartime crew of 2300 survived, as one of the places that was hit the most was the life pod bay. The 71 survivors were rescued from the wreck after the battle by the brave actions of manyrescue ships. Some survivors were rescued from the station's safety rooms, but when the cannon's reactor went critical, most of the safety rooms were completely destroyed. The other survivors were found in small pieces of the wreckage that had retained their atmosphere.