Native to a planet of the same name as their species, the reptilian, lizard-like Glorph are a race that you don't want to run into when they are angry. Even though they evolved intelligence relatively quickly compared to other species, evolution was tough on them, as the rainforest world they are native to has a multitude of large, angry flesh-hungy predators, and until guns were invented, being eaten was the leading cause of death.

The Glorph's starship tachnology has been highly advanced for hundreds of years. There are many stories of Glorph pirates, whose treasure is said to be hidden on desolate worlds throughout the galaxy. Glorph starships are usually small compared the starships of larger military forces such as the GDA, but they make up for it in quality. The starships of the Glorph Imperium are some of the finest ever constructed. Even with all of this highly advanced technology, the Glorph use projectile weaponry almost exclusively, and their energy weapon technology is just beginning to develop.

The Glorph have always been a proud race, and contact was made with them almost fifty years ago. The reason for their technology not suddenly advancing due to this contact is because the Glorph refused, and still refuse, to accept help with technology. They feel that if they cannot yet produce it themselves, then they are not yet worthy of using it.

There are several large cities on the planet, all surrounded by the near planetwide rainforest. There are also many small villages in the rainforest. Some Glorph are still in the tribal stage, living in small tribes deep within the rainforest, still using bows and spears.

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