Being didcovered by GDA survey teams does not, by any means, make a planet civil. When GDAS-4356TR7 was first discovered by a GDA probe, it was barely enough to be listed on the slipspace charts. After a small manned expedition was sent there to investigate the planet, reporting back that the planet was just as uninteresting as it looked from orbit; not even good for mining, the GDA lost interest in the small world.

GDAS-4356TR7 is an utterly dead world, so dead in fact that it doesn't even orbit a star. It is a rouge planet, meaning that millions of years ago, it was thrown out of it's orbit somehow, and it has been adrift for so long that it's core isn't even hot anymore. It is fairly small, being only slightly larger than Earth's moon.

From orbit, a being would only see a crater covered, dark grey ball.

But after the GDA lost interest in the planet, crime syndicates took interest in it. Now, there is a small city on the surface of the planet, with a population of 60,000. It is a great spot for shady dealings, especially if one needs to get illegal cargo from one place to another. Pirate ships refuel here periodically, and if someone is passing through here, it would be wise to know where your weapon is. The planet not being officially named was part of the plan to keep the planet as uninteresting as possible, to keep out unwanted visitors, but "Dead man's rock" is one of many nicknames used to describe the planet.

The GDA have considered attacking the small world many times, but there is a large civilian population in the city, and it would be almost impossible to prevent collateral damage. There are almost no police on the planet, because they are usually killed extremely quickly by bounty hunters. A raid using Rocketfly Squadron has been considered by the GDA, and they could be used to take out key points, such as fuel tanks, ect, without harming civilians.